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Voodoo Tactical

After 9/11 we were asked by our security, law enforcement and military customers to provide them with tactical gear to include packs, bags, weapons cases, vests, pouches, gloves, headwear, boots, clothing and much more, so we created our Voodoo Tactical Division, which has been heartily received and grown rapidly throughout the world to become one of the top names in the industry. The underlying philosophy at Voodoo Tactical is that we are well aware that military and law enforcement personnel don’t get paid enough for the outstanding services that they provide including putting their lives on the line daily, so we have developed a high quality line of products designed specifically for them at a moderate price level. Every Voodoo Tactical brand product is covered by our lifetime warranty. If it wears out or breaks down, we’ll replace it! This philosophy has put Voodoo Tactical where it is today.

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