Frankford Arsenal M-Press Coaxial

Perfect single press for beginners
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The Frankford Arsenal Single Stage reloading press was designed for the serious reloader to deliver the most precise ammunition possible. We engineered a reloading press with an easy to adjust universal shell holder system, an easy to empty spent primer tray, and the ability for your press to cam over or not. In combination with the easy to adjust universal shell holder system, it allows you to switch between small to magnum pistol or rifle sized cases with the turn of a dial. Our floating die system allows for optimal bullet to case alignment helping to minimize runout to help produce the most accurate ammunition possible. Frankford Arsenal’s proprietary M-Press delivers unmatched accuracy at the bench and in the field.

  • Easy-to-adjust integral “floating” shell-holder plate system
  • Quick-change die blocks fit standard 7/8”-14 reloading dies
  • Spent-primer catcher
  • Loads small - magnum pistol or rifle sized cases
  • 2 parallel guide rods for stability
  • Integrated LED light shines onto work area
  • 3 aluminum die blocks included
  • Heavy duty robust Die-cast construction
  • LED ON/OFF Button for integrated LED light

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