HikMicro RQ50L Raptor Thermal Binoculars

The new Hik Raptor RQ50L thermal binoculars feature a multitude of features, these include <20mk 640px sensor, inbuilt 1000m LRF and UHD quality video.

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The HIKMICRO RAPTOR series embeds a pair of revolutionary thermal and CMOS sensors. The former adopts a 12μm infrared sensor with a record NETD < 20Mk sensitivity, while the latter is a digital sensor of The second is a 2560x1440px digital sensor that allows for true colour viewing, both day and night. If needed, an IR light beam can be adjusted in intensity light beam can be used to boost the performance of the amplification.
An integrated laser rangefinder allows distances up to 1000m to be measured with an accuracy of less than 1m.
The new RAPTOR thermal binoculars offer the best visual experience on the market and the most comprehensive, in all weather conditions, day and night.


  • Thermal Sensor: 640×512, 12 μm
  • Pixel Pitch : 12 micron
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Aperture: F 0.9
  • Framerate: 25hz
  • Magnification: Thermal: 3.4x, Optical:2.9x
  • FOV: 15.4m×12.2 m
  • Display: OLED 1024 x 768px (0.39")
  • Digital Magnification: 4x
  • 1000m Inbuilt LRF
  • 2560 x 1440 day and night vision sensor
  • Inbuilt IR - 850NM
  • WIFI: Hik Sight App - GPS
  • Recording with Audio
  • Storage : 64GB
  • Power: 18650 upto 8hrs
  • Weight : 1120 gram

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