Lee Load-Master 32 Smith & Wesson Long

5 position progressive reloading press
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A massive press with advanced features. The ram is 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Stroke and clearance sufficient for the largest magnum rifle cases.

  • Loads rifle and pistol rounds with equal ease
  • Load progressively or singly without spilled powder or components
  • Five stations so you can Factory Crimp and post size
  • Accepts all popular brands of dies (7/8 x 14)
  • Automatic indexing with a wedge lock mechanism that will actually hold a ton
  • Positive and foolproof priming system that is easy and fast to fill
  • Removable turrets. Change calibers in seconds
  • Automatic 4 tube case feeder (Pistol calibers)
  • Loaded round ejector and case catcher
  • Quick change shell plate. No tools required
  • Grease and oil fittings along with hard chrome plated ram insure a lifetime of service for even the commercial reloader
  • Easy to empty primer catcher guaranteed to catch every primer
  • Explosion shields included

This press will convince you that Lee is the quality leader. Every part of this tool was designed to be strong, long lasting, rust-resistant and user friendly. This machine is designed for a life-time of the hardest use.

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