Firearms classification

As of September 2015, classification has been simplified to 4 categories:

  • Category A: Law enforcement restricted firearms and elements that cannot be owned by civilians. Includes select fire firearms, firearms of a caliber greater than 20mm, and magazines that hold more rounds than mentioned below.
  • Category B: Pistols; bolt action and semi automatic that exceed the capacity listed below. Pistols shall not have a capacity greater than 20 rounds, and rifles shall not have a capacity greater than 31 rounds. Also includes any firearm chambered in the following calibers : 7.62 x 39; 5.56 x 45; 5.45 x 39 Russian; 12.7 x 99 (also known as .50 BMG); 14.5 x 114.
  • Category C: Bolt action guns with a capacity no greater than 11 rounds, or semi automatic guns with capacity no greater than 3 rounds. Firearms that shoot the above mentioned calibers are automaticaly considered as Category B firearms, regardless of the capacity or function.
  • Category D: Pepper spray, blank guns, black powder guns, deactivated guns.

One cannot own more than 12 centerfire firearms, and cannot own more than 10 magazines per firearm owned. One also cannot own more than 1000 rounds per firearm.