Lyman Stainless Steel Pin Magnet

Transfer Magnet for Stainless Steel Media
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Lyman’s Stainless Steel Pin Transfer Magnet is the answer for separating your cases from the media pins used in rotary tumblers . Simply pass the magnet over the mixture of cases and pins and the pins will be pulled out and grabbed by the magnet. To release the pins, just pull up on the handle. The large diameter, strong magnet will collect many pins in a single pass. Fast, convenient and simply to use! A perfect companion for the Lyman Cyclone Rotary Tumbler and other brands of rotary tumblers.

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  1. Quite good
    Doesn't attract as many pins as I would like and needs a shock ( by letting the handle go ) thus creating a shock that removes all but a couple of pins.
    Adequate for the job.

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