Napier Super VP90 Corrosion Inhibitor Sachet

Anti-corrosion sachets with VP90
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Independent testing proves that VP90, made only by Napier of London offers the greatest level of protection from a convenient sized dispenser.

Compared to impregnated plastic and paper products, VP90 Sachets offer a huge active surface area. This means that a much greater area can be protected, quicker, cheaper, and for longer.

Just one VP90 Sachet is equal to several conventional VCI products, and is suitable for installation in bags as well as boxes and safes.

Unlike plastic or metal dispensers VP90 sachets remain totally flexible and cannot damage the gun or other delicate object when installed in any bag. Super VP90 is harmless to wood, glass or plastics.

No wonder VP90 is chosen by top gun makers, professional race teams and industrial users worldwide.

If you value your Gun, PROTECT it.
For just a few pennies a week, Super VP90 will protect any metal object within a typical gun safe for over 12 months. In fact one sachet will protect 1 cubic meter (35.5 Cubic feet) It may also be placed

Supplied with full instructions in a sealed package, Super VP90 packs can be placed inside any cabinet with the adhesive tab provided, or can be put inside your gun bag.

Super VP90 is made to complement the finest range of cleaners and lubricants you can use on your gun. All the Napier range of cleaners and oils contain Super VP90 and, when used in combination, offer the most effective level of protection from the elements that money can buy.

VP90 - How it works
Developed, formulated and produced in England by Napier of London, VP90 is designed specifically for the needs of shooters.

VP90 is a scientifically blended vapour phase inhibitor which releases a controlled monomolecular chemical. It is attracted to all metals, both ferrous and non-ferrous, and it will not adhere to wood, plastic or glass.

VP90 does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or Nitrates, is a completely dry compound, with no odour, no oily film, and is biodegradable. It is safe to use on even the most delicate parts and will seek out exposed metal even in places that you cannot reach with the oil can, the unique dry delivery system can be safely used in cabinets and gun bags.

Anywhere air can penetrate VP90 will protect. Which is why it is used in all of Napier gun care products. With its 21 year track record it is used and recommended by James Purdey, Westley Richards, BSA, BASC, Royal Berkshire Shooting School, E J Churchill, Brattonsound, Suzuki, Promatic, Topmark, Theoben, Air Arms, Ithaca, and other leading gunmakers worldwide.

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