Compact and light enough to take on even the farthest backcountry hunt, the Leupold LTO Tracker 2 shows you the heat signature of game, blood trails, and more—day or night. The LTO-Tracker 2 features the new Beacon mode, which allows you to quickly recalibrate the screen to improve daytime use. This makes it easier to identify objects that have a similar heat signature to their backgrounds. Like a good knife, binoculars, and a rangefinder, it’s essential gear!

  • 7x Digital Zoom
  • Beacon Mode
  • Compact Design
  • Dimmable Display
  • Lightweight Aluminium Housing
  • Manual Gain Control
  • Six Colour Palettes
  • Display Resolution: 240x204
  • Thermal Sensor: 206x156
  • Digital Zoom: 7x
  • Field Of View: 14 degrees
  • Operating Temperature: -40 - 572
  • Weight (oz): 7
  • Frame Rate: 30Hz
  • Display: 1.2" Flat Bottom AMOLED
  • Detection Distance: 600 yards
  • Color Palettes: 6
  • Startup Time: 5 seconds

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