Pietta Black Powder Revolver 1851 Navy Confederate Cal.36

Black powder revolver
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Pietta Black Powder Revolver 1851 Navy Confederate Cal.36

Far into the war the Confederate Government was forced to appeal to the sense of patriotism of anyone who could contribute in the production of guns. Mr. Griswold answered to this help request. The gun production of the Griswold & Grier was soon stopped by the lack of steel: church bells, sword handles and cannon parts were used. Thus originated the Reb Confederate, with round barrel and red or yellow cast brass frame, brass triggerguard and backstrap of the same color of the frame and, afterwards, the Re Nord Navy with an octagonal barrel. To complete the line we introduced the SHERIFF’S and CARBINE versions.

  • .36 Caliber
  • 6 Shot cylinder
  • Steel frame
  • PVC grips
  • 7 1/2" octogonal barrel
  • Total length: 13 1/5"
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Category D, over 18 only, copy of ID/Passport required (please check How to Order for further information on sale of this item)

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