Smartreloader SR5000 Modular Gun Vise

Shotgun and Rifle vise for cleaning, gunsmithing & maintenance
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Price €39.99

Thanks to the front and rear support the SR5000 Modular Gun Vise will accept EVERY kind of long gun, from a short AR15 rifle to a bench rest rifle. The adjustable front and rear clamp, which features rubber inserts to protect your stock and barrel, will fit large and small stocks. Both clamps can be bidirectionally adjusted for a better alignment of the gun on the Vise in case of specific operations you might need to do. The best stability is guaranteed by 10 anti-slip rubber feet placed on the SR5000’s base.

One of the greatest features of the SR5000 Modular Gun Vise is that you will be able to adjust the two M.E. – Modular Ends - (included) on 6 different positions on the Gun Vise’s body. Depending on the room you have or on the operations you are doing on your guns you might need to place the M.E.’s on different positions and we cannot even figure out the different and many situations where you will need to have an M.E. placed on a position rather than on another different one. The M.E.’s can be easily and quickly interchanged from the different available positions on the SR5000’s body without using a screw or a tool! Our tight mould manufacturing allowed us to make your life easier avoiding to use any tool when you assemble or disassembling the M.E.’s.

The SR5000’s body is made of hard and durable plastic , resistant to chemicals and solvents and features molded accessories and cans’ bins. Enjoy today of all the advantages of the SR5000 Modular Gun Vise today!

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