Smartreloader SR737 Tumbler Nano 1.75L 220V

Quick and easy cleaning for up to 300 cases 9mm
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Price €59.99

The SR737 Tumbler Nano is the right solution for average reloaders who care about the energy consuption, who do not want to waste money on the media used just to fill the the tumbler's bowl and who have a limited space at home.

Do you really need a tumbler that fits 600 9mm cases? Just think about it and think about how much money you could save buying the Tumbler Nano, how much media you would save and most important the electricity that a bigger and unneeded tumbler will consume. The tumbling action of the SR737 Tumbler Nano is as good as a bigger one but comes with so many advantages that the small money you will pay for it, you will get it back after few times you used it. The heavy lid has an internal seal that won't allow the dust to fly away. Thanks to its 1.85 Quarts of Capacity will fit 300 9mm or 125 .223 cases. Works great with wet media for polishing stones.

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