Umarex UX Trevox Spring Operated CAL 4.5MM Black

Air pistol with break-barrel action
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The UX Trevox, an air pistol with break-barrel action, is guaranteed to provide lots of fun. With its rifled barrel and T.N.T. gas piston system it delivers excellent accuracy, even at long distances. The ergonomic barrel has a nice secure feel, and the Silence Air 3-chamber silencer system minimizes noise.

  • 4,5 mm (.177) pellet
  • Spring Operated
  • 1 shots Capacity
  • Length: 460 mm
  • Weight: 1450 g
  • Velocity: 150 m/s
  • Energy: <7.5 Joules
  • Sights: adjustable for windage and elevation

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