UST ParaTinder Zipper Pull 2 pack

Combines fire tinder and 550 paracord
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The ParaTinder Zipper Pull, 2 pack is an amazing innovation in emergency preparedness. It combines life-saving fire tinder and 550 paracord for the ultimate gear duo. The addition of a single tinder thread allows this paracord to pull double duty.

  • To ignite, expose red core thread and light with any fire starter such as the UST BlastMatch or UST StrikeForce
  • Each zipper pull contains about 3 feet of ParaTinder
  • Ready whenever you need it
  • Easily clips onto jackets, backpacks, bike bags—almost anything
  • Core threads can be used as sewing thread, sutures, fishing line, and more
  • Attaches to zippers, key rings, backpacks, and gear
  • Size: 108 x 19 x 6mm
  • Weight: 11g each

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