Frankford Arsenal Flip-Top Ammo Box #515 223 WSSM, 7mm RSAUM, 300 WSM 50-Round Blue

Ammo Box for 50 rounds of rifle & handgun Ammo
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Frankford Arsenal Ammunition Boxes are great for storing reloaded or factory loaded ammunition. Available in a variety of sizes to fit most calibers and various see-through colors for easy identification of different loads. These plastic boxes offer the shooter a higher level of protection than cardboard ammunition boxes and will protect ammunition from dust, dirt and rain.

  • Fits: 270 WSM, 7mm Remington SAUM, 7mm WSM, 300 Remington SAUM, 300 WSM, 325 WSM
  • Plastic Boxes
  • One-piece hinge
  • Maximum Overall Cartridge Length: 76mm
  • Color: Blue

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