Kiro Eku X Shooting Glasses

Lightweight Ballistic Rated Tactical Glasses for SF Operators and Everyday use, Comes with Three Different Rapid Replacement Lenses to Accommodate Different Scenarios.

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Price €120.99

Made from ballistically rated materials, the Kiro Eku X are light and extremely durable protective tactical glasses.Three high quality polarized lenses are included in the package. 

The multi-lens system allows you to match your eye protection depending on your activity and the weather conditions.

Included in the box:

  • Eku X Eyewear.
  • A Hard protective case.
  • A cleaning cloth.
  • 3 different high quality polarized lenses: gray, yellow and transparent.

How to choose the correct lenses?

Gray Lenses: Gray lenses dim bright sunlight to ease the strain on your eyes. While the lenses do darken your vision, gray does not alter color.

Yellow Lenses: Yellow lenses have excellent contrast enhancement and depth perception properties. They are especially effective for night driving, haze, foggy or overcast conditions, helping to increase visibility.

Transparent Lenses: Transparent lenses perform well in dark conditions and are helpful in protecting your eyes from dirt, harmful UV rays, and other foreign objects.

Other properties:


Frame material: The frame is made of polycarbonate (PC), a durable light and UV-resistant material.

Lens material: the lenses are made of high-quality (PC) polarized lenses to increase contrast and provide superior glare protection. This is known for its excellent optical properties, impact resistance, and great optical clarity.

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