Lockdown Supermax Universal Vault Mechanical

Ultra Secure Handgun Vault
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The NEW Lockdown SUPER MAX handgun vaults bring an added level of security to your firearms. Made of robust 16 gauge steel construction, once it is locked down there is no way it’s getting out. Choose between a conventional key lock or an innovative 5 button mechanical combination lock vault. An added feature is an LED light on the inside to illuminate your gun if you need to access your vault in the dark. A gas piston strut assists in opening the SUPER MAX vault and keeps the lid open while you access your gun.

  • 5 button Mechanical Lock with 1081 password combinations
  • EMP Proof, No keys or batteries ever needed
  • External dimensions: 8.5” x 13.25” x 2.5”
  • Heavy Duty 16 gauge steel construction
  • Features a gas strut to open the vault lid
  • Includes an LED light to easily see into the vault

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