Napier Apex Auto-Click Game Hoist for Cars

Game Hoist for hatchback cars and SUV's
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A truly new concept for all stalkers, the APEX Auto Click is a revolutionary design that allows any deer carcass to be suspended safely from the rear door of virtually all vertical lift vehicles. Very often the animal can be accessed by vehicle, and in any event they always have to be transported at the end of the day.

Absolutely no tools are required to attach this device and it simply clicks IN and OUT in 3 seconds.

By using the vehicles own rear door catch, and employing a sophisticated load mechanism it can be ready for use in seconds and will safely support 165KG with ease.

Using the supplied Apex Gambrel a maximum height is attained making the job of gralloching all species except of course large Reds.

Tested to the extreme, the Apex Auto Click is capable of handling Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer, Roe Deer, Fallow and Sika. All of which have been processed on conventional SUVs, during pre production field trials.

Often two Roe at a time are suspended, and can easily be lifted by one person. For larger animals we recommend a two man lift of use of a simple pulley.

Once on the Gambrel the real advantages become apparent, immediately you have full control of the beast, can bleed it effectively and most importantly it is safe and secure. Full access to the vehicles interior is a tremendous advantage, as there is light and a solid surface to rest knives, saws etc. no more struggling on the ground and lost kit in the process.

The Apex Auto Click is supplied in a handy bag and weighs just 700 grams. It is supplied complete with 1 Apex Gambrel and a 2 litre Shower Aqua Sac, which is great for washing your hands and if necessary the carcass.

Because the motor manufacturers all use a proven and extremely strong locking device Apex Auto Click will attach instantly to most vehicles with a vertical tail lift. In the UK that includes Subaru Forrester, Land Rover Freelander 2, Land Rover Evoque, Kia Sportage, Mercedes M class, BMW, Volvo, Ford, Dodge, VW, Honda Toyota, Nissan Xtrail etc, and the list just goes on, it can even be fitted to most estates and hatchbacks. It is not designed for side opening door cars, glass door pick up toppers or split gates, such as the Discovery 3, although Napier will be producing a kit especially for that model in the future.

In Europe and USA the list is just huge, as it will click into most cars from a Suburban to a Skoda.

The Apex Auto Click will handle 5 of the 6 UK deer species, it has already been proven in Australia with Feral Goats, Kangaroos and Pigs, In the USA most smaller species, boar and white Tail, whist in mainland Europe it will be invaluable for processing all but the biggest trophy boar.

APEX Auto Click is proudly designed and made in England from the finest materials, is guaranteed for 12 months it comes complete in its own bag together with 1 Apex Aqua Sac and 1 Apex Gambrel.

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