Lee Pro 1000 9mm

Easy to use Progressive Reloading Press
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Improved design for 2023!

New tool head accepts quick change bushings. Breech Lock dies accompany the press, and are mounted into new Smart Lock bushings. The bushings are color coded enable tool-free die adjustments. Automatic primer feed is simple and reliable; safe with any brand or size of primer. Improved automatic indexing, no adjustments required. Cartridge changeover is simple and fast, the only tool required is a 1/4" hex wrench and its included. Case ejection has also been improved, no tools to install and ejects any sized case with no adjustments. We even include the bin to catch your completed rounds.

Lee Pro 1000 progressive 3-Hole reloading kit for 45 ACP. Includes press, Breech Lock dies (Full Length Size, Powder Through Expanding and Bullet Seating Dies), colored Smart Lock Bushings, #2 Shell Plate, Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure, Universal Case Feeder, small and large priming system, and completed round catch bin.

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  1. niet al te goed
    De powder measure past niet in de charge dies.
    Je moet de powder afschuren voor hij past in de dies.

    Posted on